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About EuroUniverse

Welcome to EuroUniverse. Fight with hundreds, or even thousands of players in the universe at the same time, obtain the title of Emperor and become the most experienced player. everything you will need is your browser.

The game begins with one small planet, which in the future will be the capital of the whole empire. For the development of the empire will be at your disposal i.e. research new technology, new buildings, new ships and defenses. There are several ways to develop Empire. The first way is that you can become a miner, send resources to all your friends. The second way is to be a professional fighter, which produces resources with the help of its powerful flee and the third way is to be hired as a spy which can take advantage of its intelligence.

In order to survive in EuroUniverse you will be required to simultaneously monitor many fields: research, construct, defend and upgrade, and all this under the pressure of aggressive neighbors. One advantage in survival in EuroUniverse  you will have to join in alliances. Alliances have great advantages. for example, you can participate in top battles involving thousands or even millions of units .