Moon - an integral part of the game for many players. Many resources are stored on them, prefer to build the defense was there, well, the two main functions of moons: Save fleet and DM production using colliders.

Creating the moon

To create the maximum size of the moon, it is necessary to obtain the probability of creating a moon of 20%. For 20% probability that it is necessary that in the composition of the field in the amount of debris was 20 million.
Below I offer you a table of ships required for 20% chance of making the moon:

Small Cargo: 10 000 000
Large Cargo: 3 500 000
Viper Mark II: 10 000 000
Colonial Raptor: 4 000 000
Cruiser: 1 500 000
Battleship: 700 000
Colonizer: 1 400 000
Recycler: 2 600 000
Bomber: 550 000
Solar satellite: 20 000 000
exterminator: 400 000
Death Star: 5000
BattleStar: 600 000
supernova: 5000
Battle Transporter: 750 000
Avatar: 100
Giga Recycler: 25000
Battleship class ONill: 100
Flying death: 150

As we can see from the table, most profitable, in my opinion, are either Mega processors or a lightweight fighter.
When you have decided what you are willing to sacrifice the fleet attempts to create the moon , get a player that create debris field for the moon , respectively destroying your fleet . There is another option to create a moon without destroying your fleet on your planet : you find the player, but it turns out that he, too, need the moon . And what to do? Correctly , exchange Luno attempts with each other. In other words is happening is that you put it in your fleet on the planet who can beat ships for Luno creation ( for example, destroy 25,000 mega processors ) . Your friend sends 25,000 megapererabotchikov attack on your planet , your fleet of breaks , fragments obtained and have a chance to create the moon.

The same thing can make you, only to your friend: it is sent to 25,000 mega processors.
Way to create exactly what you choose. The advantage of the second method is that for example, you can have companions on the planet and save the satellites is not always pleasant…

unique buildings

  • Teleport - allows you to instantly teleport only fleet (without resources) from one moon to another moon. On the second moon must also be built teleport. Minus the teleport is that after teleporting it will take some time before the next use. On the first level of this time = 1:00, with each level of this time is reduced to two
  • Moon Base - analogue Terraformer on the planet. The base itself is one field, and adds 3 free field. Is the most important building on the moon. Without lunar base impossible construction of other buildings.
  • ouch phalanx - allows you to view the fleets running with the enemy planet. Fleets from the moon phalanx not visible! The formula for calculating the range of the phalanx as follows: (level squared) - 1, ie at the level of the range of 6 = 35

    see below offers visibility phalanx fleet while flying missions and recall:

    mission Visibility phalanx
    flight way back
    attack visible visible
    deploy visible not visible
    hold visible visible
    recycle visible visible
    transport visible visible
    expedition visible visible
Buildings moon

Now for the building of the moon. It's very important to start .. The first thing we do is build a lunar base, can be up to about 10-15 level. Then build factories robots level 10 to open a factory nanites (yes, yes, there Nanitki can build on the moon). Factory nanites, I suggest raising the level of about 8-9. Let me explain why: First, the 8th level is needed for the construction of a secondary conveyor, which will help us protect our moon from demolition. Secondly, in the future construction of buildings during their construction will reach hours or more, so it is important at the outset to put Nanitki to accelerate development.